Data Governance : Experience Feedback

Where Data should be placed within in the organization? What a good data governance should look like ? How to secure the sponsorship from the business? To get answers to these questions faced by many CDOs, we interviewed Isabel Gomez Garcia de Soria , Group Chief Data& Analytics Officer at L’Oréal. Hi Isabel, can you […]

Data & Analytics Team Structure : Experience Feedback

How to structure the Data & Analytics team? Where should Data be positioned in the organization? Which profiles should be recruited first? To get answers to these questions faced by many CDOs, we interviewed Olivier Monnier, Chief Data Officer at Matmut, an insurance group employing 6,300 people with a turnover of 2.9 billion euros. Olivier, […]

From Data Lab to Data Office, the journey of a Data Scaler

In an interview with Hubadviser, Maxime Havez, Group Chief Data Officer at Crédit Mutuel Arkéa talks about his career which allowed him to climb the ranks of the data team to take the helm of a Data Office of around forty. of collaborators. He explains to us how the Data maturity has developed as well […]

Digital Factory: Feedback from Serge Yoccoz

Why launch/develop a digital factory? To get answers to these questions that many digital leaders ask themselves, we interviewed Serge Yoccoz, Ex Managing Director of Renault Digital, one of the largest digital factories ever created (300 people). Serge, thank you for having us, can you introduce yourself please? I am Serge Yoccoz, Digital Strategy Adviser […]